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  • Soul Wounds Intensify After You Reach Success

    Unfortunately, having a huge platform, influence, or/and a leadership role can bring a high level of scrutiny that can heightened or exacerbates unresolved wounds.

    Soul wounds can stay buried for years due to past painful experiences. Undetected soul wounds can cause low to high functioning depression in a person’s life. There are many roots that can cause soul wounds…one root is unforgiveness. An individual can have unforgiveness towards God, someone else, or themselves unaware. Most Christians forgive with their mind and not their heart. Unresolved soul wounds and unforgiveness can be linked to still “holding on to stuff emotionally.”

    Unresolved wounds can cause celebrities, actors, and high achievers to feel like something is still missing in their life even if they have “it all.” Successful people who have everything “they could ever want,” but still feel empty, lost, or/and apathetic towards life may not have experience inner healing or/and deliverance from past painful situations. So if this blog resonates with you, evaluate if you have done any inner healing and deliverance work in order to address any soul wounds you may have. If you haven’t, please don’t suffer in silence.

    Lastly, if you live in California or Florida, I currently provide Christian therapy to Believers by walking them through therapeutic interventions, biblical counsel, inner healing and deliverance strategies in order to help bring them into mental and emotional wholeness. Please check out my website Heaven Inspired Christian Counseling & Consulting | California for the type of services I provide.

    Kimmil Hollis, LMFT has been a therapist for over eight years, and she specializes in working with Christians that suffer from depression, anxiety, trauma, and maladaptive grief. Kimmil is trained in EMDR therapy to assist clients with process distressing memories and body sensations related to trauma. Kimmil also utilizes inner healing and deliverance techniques to help individuals release emotional pain that is hindering their soul. Kimmil believes that in order to help individuals achieve lasting results, the mind, body, and spirit must be treated to bring people into wholeness.