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  • Therapy for Depression

    There are 6 main causes of depression. If you are depressed, seeking professional help can assist in identifying the primary cause.

    Here is a list of the six main causes:

    Diet and Exercise- I know… who wants to hear this? But it is true! We are what we eat. If we don’t take care of our “temples,” our mental health is impacted negatively because our mind, body, soul and spirit are connected.

    Chemical and Hormonal Imbalance- An imbalance in our brain and body can cause our mental health to decline. Sometimes addressing these medical needs will significantly improve any signs of depression.

    Maladaptive Thinking Patterns- Have you heard the saying “You are what you eat?” Well, I like to say, “We are what we think about.” Carefully guard your thoughts, because they are the source of true life (Proverbs 4:23).

    Unresolved Emotional Wounds- Unresolved soul wounds can sometimes lead to depression. These wounds can include things such as inward anger, childhood trauma, lack of forgiveness towards God, self, and others, grief and loss, past rejection, etc.

    Environmental Stressors- Life, medical conditions, and financial hardship, along with many other factors, can all impact a person’ mental health. Sometimes life is just hard! A person can be in a season of testing and he/she may simply be feeling the impact of his/her circumstances.

    Spiritual Lifestyle- Our spiritual life (or the lack thereof) can significantly impact our mental health. Unfortunately, if our prayer life and reading the word of God is not strong, it will affect different areas of our life because prayer and reading the Bible is “our spiritual nourishment.” This is by God’s design. In addition, sometimes we need to close any spiritual or demonic open doors, such as generational patterns or soul wounds that act as an entry point to the Enemy. There is so much to this topic, feel free to pray and ask God about booking an appointment with me to talk further about this area.

    Innate habits and interpersonal patterns are not easy to change, but with consistency, practice, and the help of the Holy Spirit, A PERSON CAN OVERCOME!